Assault Course Pictures

Anna asked me to tell you all that she has been real busy the last few days and regrets not being able to put up a blog post herself. She did however let me send me some of the pictures from the assault course she completed the other day.

Also, as you know Anna is the Athletic Officer for her flight. And they won “Athletic Flight of the Week” this week, which as the title implies, means her flight did the best job during the athletic portion of the week. Obviously, it would have to be Anna’s motivational techniques and her ability to plan workouts that helped her flight win the award. This week they have a 5k run and the chance to hold on to the award for another week.

Well, without further ado, here are some pictures.


Anna in her PT gear, camel pack and reflective belt.


Anna dominating the parallel bars.


Some sort of rope… with elbow pads.


Cargo net. I already submitted Anna’s name for American Gladiators.


Up and over the wall.

UPDATE: Looks like I forgot to add some other pictures.


Anna didn’t want me to add this one. But I like it.


Saluting… like a pro… probably.


The whole flight.

Sorry I don’t have more information for you guys, but hopefully Anna can throw something up on the blog this weekend. Maybe ask some questions in the comments?


4 Responses to Assault Course Pictures

  1. Brother Jeff says:

    We took a vote and we like your PT gear, you guys look sharp.

  2. Heather says:

    As always, looking good and kicking butt!!! Super proud of you and still missing you!!!

  3. Paul says:

    I agree with Jeff, those track suits are sharp. I’m disappointed there are no photos of the handbike or zipline. Remember, if you struggle on the handbike, just immediately drop into the water, you’ll lose less time that way.

  4. Barb Kimpe says:

    Looks like your doing a great job.  Love the hat.  Rehders and hats – they go together. I remember meeting your Dad and his funny hat with the ear flaps.  

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