Week 3…the End is in Sight!

Even though I have a ton of studying to do today, I decided to do some blogging before hand just to try to get that assault video pushed down the page.  I have to say though, that gladiator does slightly resemble one of our flight commanders…

This last week has been a blur of homework, presentations, and tests.  We were also supposed to run a 5k  but apparently in Alabama, 30 degrees is to cold to run outside so that was canceled and we went back to what we have been doing since I got here and that’s PT (physical training) inside.  Inside means 130 people (that’s the size of my class) on half of a basketball court (the other half has another training class on it) completing such strenuous tasks as running in place for 2 minutes, rotating our hips, and sometimes even a push-up or two.  I’m fortunate to have a very athletic flight who enjoys doing additional workouts in our free time otherwise I feel confident my PT score would have declined since my arrival.  So if anyone thought I might actually lose weight here, think again – between the greasy food in the chow hall and the mediocre workouts, I’ll be lucky to not have gained weight.

We had the first of our two big tests this week that ultimately determine if we pass or fail.  It was a 30 questions multiple choice on topics ranging from leadership skills to the Air Force’s air and space superiority (because we are the greatest air force in the world – I’m a 100% not kidding).  You can only miss 7 questions and still pass.  I only missed one and I really shouldn’t have missed that one.  I’ve been beating myself up for it all week.  But my flight was 3rd in overall percentage.  We have the final test this week on Tuesday.

We also gave briefings this week on a topic we picked from a pretty extensive list they gave us.  Briefings in the Air Force follow a very strict pattern that pretty much always involve a power point.  They could only be between 5 and 9 minutes long and if you went a second over or under (time busted) you failed.  Didn’t matter how great your briefing was.  I did not time bust and came away with an outstanding on a scale that goes from poor (I think) to outstanding.  I did my presentation on the European Union and the death penalty.  If anyone wants me to brief them on said topic, I am now well equipped.

Because we were finally doing something other than sitting in class all day or climbing on things, we wore our blues for the first time.  Here’s a picture of a few of my flight members and me in our blues.


Females where a funny little tie thing I’m not crazy about and my pants are almost comically too large for me but I’m a big fan of the hat.

The females pants also include lovely 1980’s style front pleats while the guys have nice flat front pants.   Oh, and the sword in the picture is what we won for being athletic flight of the week.  If we do well on the final test on Monday we’ll be able to hang onto that for another week…which just gives us more time to accidentally injure each other with it.


And finally, we did get moved up to 2nd class status this week which means we have off base privileges, we’re allowed to wear civilian clothes if we leave the OTS campus immediately, and we are allowed to drink (gasp!).  So of course we did all of the above this weekend.  We went to the bowling alley on Friday night and had pizza and beer.  Honestly, I walked out of my dorm room in civilian clothes with my hair down (which was a huge relief for my hair since it’s been falling out in chunks from the stress of being pulled back very intensely all day, everyday) and my flight looked at me like they’d never seen the likes of me before.  We’ve all grown so accustomed to seeing each other in our strict military fashions that I guess we forgot what it was like to see someone looking completely normal.  Last night we took further advantage of our privileges and went off base to Lonestar Grill and had steaks…sweet sweet red meat.  Today my roommate and I are going to go get coffee…real brewed coffee which I intend to put real, not powdered, cream in.


I think that wraps up this week for the most part.  This coming week is going to be pretty jam packed as well.  We have the final PT test, our second multiple choice test, and Tuesday thru Thursday we’ll be out in the field.  Assuming a I don’t get bitten by a black widow or a snake, both of which they told us are out there, I should be able to post next weekend which will be my LAST weekend here!  Can you believe it?  I certainly can’t and I also can’t wait for my parents, Tom, and Elizabeth to come down here and see what I’ve been up to first hand.

Also, if I have time next weekend, or I may even start it this weekend, I’d like to do a mini-profile on each of my flight members so you all can see the people I’ve been spending A LOT of time with.  It’s also come to my attention that some of my colleagues here at COT have been giving this blog to their family members to give them an idea of what they’ve been up to so they might enjoy that as well.  But for now I’m going to sign off with probably one of the most common things I hear around here…


This is the sound of the HOTEL HELL HOUNDS.


Don’t try to run or we’ll hunt you down.



And yes, we do sing our chant more than any other flight and yes, the other flights make fun of us for it.  They’re just jealous…


4 Responses to Week 3…the End is in Sight!

  1. Paul says:

    Where do you guys keep that giant sword? Do you have to carry it around all the time?

    That hat is sweet, I think Opa had a similar one. Which makes sense since he was technically part of the air force. Not the same air force, but you know what I mean.

    Do you ever stick it underneath the epaulettes when you’re not wearing it? That’s a good move.

  2. Christine says:

    You look much better in your blues. I can take you seriously in that one. Although its not nearly as reflective as your track suits – how will anyone see you?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    u can take her serious in pants 3 sizes too big? where’s the skirt? can’t wait to come visit!

  4. Hillary says:

    You dont know me, but I just wanted you to know that I am very grateful that you put this up. My husband is currently in COT class 09-04. It is driving me insane not hearing from him for more than a text at night. He was able to call for a few minutes today. So it is really nice to get to have an idea of whats going on for him now. Unlike you, he refused to take a camera so I will not get the luxury of having pictures sent to me nor any to look back on what he accomplished.

    Thanks again.

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