Final Week

Not only is the end now in sight, it’s pretty much here.  We have just two days left until we graduate.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post this weekend but I’ll give you all the quick update on last week.  Hotel Flight kept their title of Athletic Flight of the Week by absolutely rocking the PFA (Physical Fitness Assessment).  Everyone passed and we had a flight average of 91.56 (out of a 100).  We had three perfect scores and I ran the 1.5 mile in a personal record of 11:08.  We also took our second CWT (Comprehensive Written Test).  I missed 3 out of 50 (which I was really frustrated with myself about).  Our flight average was a 92% and we had two people get perfect scores.  Although we didn’t edge out Juliet for Academic Flight of the Week, we did so well on the PFA that we managed to steal overall Flight of the Week from them.  I won’t lie to all of you out there…my flight is kind of outstanding.  I was talking with a guy from another flight who was ranting (oh, and I mean ranting) about how it’s all about luck and if you get lucky enough to have a bunch of athletes in your flight and smart people in your flight, then obviously going to do well.  And I actually agree with him…partially.  I do feel very very fortunate to be in a flight with so many people who really are exceptionally smart and athletic.  However, we all have our strengths and weaknesses that we have worked on over these last 4 weeks.  The first time we took the physical fitness test we didn’t all pass and the second time around we raised our average by almost 5 points.  That does show some effort outside of natural talent.  The Hotel Hellhounds have worked their butts off not only to maintian their superiorty but also to widen the gap.

But this week the million dollar question will be answered…who will get Top Flight?  Hotel is certainly in the running.  But Juliet Flight has retained the Academic Flight of the Week status since week one and they’re our top competition.  This morning we ran a 5k run that factors into the Top Flight calculation.  Although our best runner broke into hives in the last mile of the race, he still managed to snag 2nd (yes, out of the whole 130 person class) running about a 19:15.  I was disappointed with my 25:05 (it felt like I was running super fast but alas, no) but our flight overall did really well despite the fact that we were running at 5am by moonlight.

There’s one more factor in determining Top Flight…LRC (Leadership Reaction Course).  Now what this is is basically a series of missions we’re asked to complete that usually involve something like getting your team from one side of a vat of boiling lava (aka water) using only a toothpick and a bucket of paint.  Although the idea of falling into water (aka boiling lava) in an attempt to lead your team to highly coveted mission completions may not sound too bad, when the weather turns ugly your resolve may weaken.  Hotel Flight had 5 completions (out of 14).  Each flight member got the opportunity to lead and the team I led did manage to complete out mission.  All it took was crossing a crocodile filled mote, climbing across a wooden plank and then sliding through a metal vent, all the while avoiding triggering alarm sensors (seriously, I did not make a bit of that up).  Luckily I had an awesome team who would have done anything to help complete the mission, including but not limited to standing on a narrow plank 4 feet over a pool of water that looked to contain at least 8 different kinds of bacteria.

So that’s all the criteria (for the most part) for Top Flight.  Stay tuned for an update on who won it.  I’ll try to post next weekend so you guys don’t all just pass out from anticipation.

Speaking of passing out, we have begun practicing for the parade that is part of the graudation ceremonies.  I’m just amongst the masses marching along, trying to stay in step.  The trickiest part for me is not turning or the facing movements, it’s the standing super still even when I’m sure I feel a hair out of place or an ant crawling over my shoe.  But hopefully with the 4 hours a day we’re practicing doing it, I’ll figure out how to quiet my inner OCD voice telling me I need to move just slightly to prevent the world from imploding.

One thing I forgot to mention about last week, we did do a mock deployment where all the nurses and doctors got to set up a deployed hospital and run it for a couple of hours.  All the JAGs got to be patients and security.  I got to be a patient with food poisoning from D Fac 2, a patient with combat stress which caused me to think my name was George Patton and curl into the fetal position and start crying randomly, and finally a patient with a C-spine injury.  That was a really cool experience because I was able to see all of my flight members in their element.  Most of them are nurses, lab techs, etc. and they took such good care of us fake patients, I know they’d be the first ones around if I every really got hurt.

We also camped out and did the ropes course.  We were supposed to camp out two nights but after sleeping in heatless tents the first night when the temperature dipped down to 9 degrees overnight, they granted us a reprieve and let us go back to the dorms for the second night.  Then we bussed back to the ropes course were I spent the better part of the day with my knees literally knocking together.  I can’t understand why either, all I had to do was perform a series of acrobatic feats 30 feet in the air secured only by a frayed rope.  Oh, and when I was done with that I had to climb a rock wall, walk out onto a beam 40 feet into the air with no hands and then repel back down.  No big deal…  Pictures will hopefully be up soon.

I know I’m leaving you all hanging a bit but it’s getting late and tomorrow morning we have our last, yes very last, 5am PT session.  No more 2 minute jog in place to keep me in shape.  Soon Elizabeth, Tom, and my parents will be here and maybe, just maybe, I’ll remember not to call them ma’am and sir.


4 Responses to Final Week

  1. daymonster says:

    you should probably still call me sir.

  2. Daymonster says:

    See you in 10 hrs!

  3. Chris says:

    Congrats, Anna. We love you! Have a great weekend!
    Chris and Dick

  4. Sara says:

    Anna, if I could run a 25 min 5k right now I’d be very happy! Congrats on all your accomplishments…I’m very impressed!!


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