JASOC begins…

So I’ve been doing the JASOC (Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course) thing for about two weeks now and it’s a completely different world from COT.  Despite my billeting room being only about a 100 yards from the COT campus (I can see it from my window), we live in a world now where you can bring beer to your room, there is no lights out, and sleepovers are a common occurrence.  Speaking of sleepovers, Tom was able to stay with me for the first week I was here.  Hopefully he’ll be able to get back down here one more time and also make it to the D.C. trip in April.  But back to my room…it’s a hotel room with a microwave.  It’s small, you can’t really cook, and it frequently smells strange (that might be on me though).  None of which would be that bad if it weren’t for the fact that that billeting buildings on either side of us have rooms in them with kitchenettes and living room areas.  Some of the people in my JASOC class some how ended up in those buildings.  Here are some pictures of my home for the next 7 weeks (2 down!)…









My View

My View

OK, so that’s the palace.  The view is a little nicer and I get to watch people when they’re sitting on the patio which is only mildly entertaining.  If anyone wants to visit, I’ll sleep on the floor:)

So now that we’re caught up on my new living arrangements, let me tell you about the exciting day-to-day world of JASOC.  Basically we go to class all day.  The end.  We start at 7:30am and are done anywhere from 3:30 to 6:00.  I’ve developed lots of different ways of staying awake but am not willing to divulge my secrets.  Mostly we’re in a big auditorium but we have some classes that are in small seminar rooms with just our flights.  If you want to see some cool pictures of the school and the giant planes outside of it, check out the blog one of my classmates does.  His link is just to right over here —> and up a bit (Another JAGOFF).

This time around I’m in Delta Flight but I have once again forced myself on my flight as the PTL (Physical Training Leader).  Throughout the course of JASOC we compete in various athletic events for the coveted Commandant’s Cup.  In each event you get points for 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points), and 3rd (1 point).  The events are usually played on Friday afternoons so we have already had two, volleyball and football.  In volleyball we got 3rd place and therefore only one point but volleyball is tricky.  As I’m sure all of my fellow Lamas can attest to.  It takes some experience playing together and a lot of luck sometimes to win, neither of which were with Delta Flight last Friday.  Oh, it also didn’t help that all the other teams cheated by allowing some of their best players (or players who thought they were the best) skip rotating out…repeatedly.  Meanwhile Delta Flight played everyone equally…which is the Air Force way.  O’Brien, this one is for you – Integrity First (for those that don’t know, that one of the 3 core values of the Air Force – look for the other two in upcoming blogs). 

But if you think what happened with volleyball was bad, let me tell you about what happened this week with football.  First of all, we had tornado warnings all day and plenty of rain so that drastically impacted some of our faster players who didn’t have cleats.  Don’t worry guys, I had my soccer cleats so my blazing speed was uneffected.  Despite my blazing speed and exception prowess for football in general, Delta fell in the first game by one touchdown in overtime.  Heartbreak.  Especially since there were several very controversial plays that would have changed the outcome.  But what happened next was even more upsetting.  Two teams (Delta and some other group of yahoos) both lost their first game in overtime by the same score.  So to decide who got to go into the 3rd place game and who had to play the faculty in an expeditionary (read pointless – literally, we would be competing for 0 points) game, they had us play rock-paper-scissors.  Outrageous!  Now I once had a Chicago Sport and Social league determine a playoff round by a coin flip but this is the Commandant’s Cup!  Well, as you can imagine, I made my contempt for the situation known and thereby educated the majority of Delta Flight on my lack of military bearing (I think that definition is self-explanatory but just know this would not be the first time I’ve been accused of not having it).  Anyway, we ended up playing the faculty which was fun especially since the Commandant (aka the big boss of JASOC) was guarding me and told me afterwards that she thought I was really fast.  And you all thought I was kidding about my blazing speed and/or thought I was only fast when drunk. 

So although JASOC is a completely different world than COT,  we still have plenty to keep us busy.  So I apologize for not getting to this sooner but last week we had several exercises where we had to go into instructor’s offices and advise them on various issues.  Obviously, that meant we had to have a pretty well rounded knowledge of said issues.  For someone who a month ago would have described an administrative discharge as a gassy secretary, it took a lot of reading and rereading to wrap my head around some of these things.  And remember, we’re dealing with crimes such as being late to work.  In the Air Force that’s a crime and it’s called being absent without leave (more commonly known as AWOL) and you can and will be punished for being 15 minutes late to work.  So sometimes I struggle with these concepts.  Not to mention I’ve started setting about 8 back up alarms. 

But enough of my excuses.  Hopefully I’ll be more regular about posting and if not, feel free to get on my case about it.  I deserve it.  Next week we head to Florida for a really cool two days of seeing what real people in the Air Force do (the answer is fly planes).  Also, there’s a Chinese buffet on the schedule for lunch one day so I’m really excited about that.  Also, next Monday we have our first (of 2) big tests and the following week we have our first moot court.  Lots to do and hopefully lots to tell in the near future.  Until then, remember, I’m fast…the Commandant said so.


3 Responses to JASOC begins…

  1. Marta says:

    i’m super jealous of your bedspread!

  2. Micah McMillan says:

    Is this what all the fuss was about? Well at least you know TJAG and staff are busy “taking care of their people”. 🙂

  3. Best10 says:

    Right here is the right blog for anyone who hopes to find out about this topic. You realize a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been written about for decades. Great stuff, just great!Best10

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