The Before…

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see pictures of my new place, so here they are.  And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, it looks like total crap.  It’s got drywall dust all over and it’s missing many lighting fixtures.  It’s a work in progress.  I think once I get it cleaned and decorated it will be all that much more satisfying to put up pictures of how sweet it looks…here’s hoping.  Oh, also, I found out my stuff that’s been in storage won’t be arriving till the 27th…arg, what’s a girl to do with no furniture?

Here’s the front:


And the entry way:

entry way

That’s looking into the living room.  It needs to be painted and that white stuff is drywall dust.  I’m operating under the assumption that it will look better not covered in a fine white mist.  Now here are the living room and then dining room:

living room

dining room

So this is one of my favorite things so I had to show this.  This is the built in cabinets in the dining room…cute right?


Here’s the kitchen:


Here’s the scary stairs down to the basement and the lovely graffiti left by previous tenants.  By living there am I automatically a memberof this team? 



Now moving upstairs…

stairs to upstairs

This is the upstairs hall and bathroom:



And the bedrooms, there are 4, all pretty much look like this.  Some have more windows and are bigger or smaller but this gives you a good idea.


So that’s it.  Home sweet home.  Right now it looks like a lot of dust and work but hopefully in the near future I’ll be putting up some after pictures that are a little nicer.  Also, as a side note, work is great.  Super busy but learning millions of things every day.  Miss you all!


6 Responses to The Before…

  1. daymonster says:

    I assume this place has an outdoor pool.

  2. Heather says:

    I love it! It has a ton of potential and at least it appears to be updated a little… and looks like you have plenty of space for out of town guests 🙂

  3. Elizabeth says:

    but does it have mismatched carpet? hmmmm?

  4. Jeff says:

    I thought outdoor pools in North Dakota were called hockey rinks?

  5. R-Dub says:

    Yes it does mean you are automatically a member of the team. BTW, 4th Ave Drinking Stinks!!! Go 33rd St. Shooters!!!!

  6. Marta says:

    Yay! You’re going to make the place so cute, Anna!

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