The In-between…

So my apartment is long from finished, I’m quite sure it never will be, but it’s much more livable than it was in “The Before…”  So I decided to do a in-between post so everyone could see the evolution.  This Friday my parents come in their new RV bringing with them Tom and everything he owns.  So a week from now, if all goes according to a well thought out plan, the apartment should be looking infinitely better with the addition of some more furniture, electronics and whatever else it is exactly that Tom brings to the table:)  So without further ado, here’s what my living room looks like now:

living room in-between

Does it look much different then before?  No.  Is there any rhyme or reason to it? No.  But it has some place to sit.  It might be a slightly odd place to sit.  It might lack color, art, or design but give me time…

Next is the dining room.  We have some improvement here but we’re still struggling:

diningroom with table

The boxes along the wall are not a decorative piece and the winerack will probably need to find a new home but hey, at least there is somewhere to sit and eat now.  Of course the most intricate thing I’ve cooked so far is fruit salad and I’m not even sure if that counts as cooking but were I to cook, this is where I would sit and eat it.  Imagine it.  Just imagine it.

Speaking of cooking, let’s take a look at the kitchen:



Again, still empty despite the wonderful microwave my sponsor, Capt Ian Holzhauer, picked up for me on the side of the road.  And not only empty, a little slanty too.  My pub table and refrigerator list dangerously toward the door but that’ll work itself out…hopefully without an extremely heavy appliance falling on someone.

OK, now for the upstairs.  At the top of the stairs, the bathroom:


That was boring.  How about my closet:


Alright, that’s pretty boring too.  Well, maybe except for the fact that for someone who wears a uniform everyday to work, I own entirely too many clothes.  And don’t even think that this is all there is…

So, maybe the guest bedroom will be more interesting:


Wow, I apologize.  That was really lame.  Uh, go Cubs?

How about the master bedroom.  I use the term master loosely.



That’s a little better.  The bedroom is probably the room that I’ve been brave enough to hang things and decorate things in the most.  It still has pictures leaning against the wall and bare spots waiting for furniture, but again, stay tuned. 

Here we have the office which is where this brilliant blog is being written.  Try not to be too awestruck.  It’s only a room.



Here again we have a room lacking some charm, some character but at least it has a clock…

And finally, here’s my porch:


It needs furniture and I made the unfortunate discovery that the porch light doesn’t work (despite the switch, fixture, and new bulb) but there is some color now and if you look very closely between the rails of the porch you can see some of the grass I planted coming up.  Here’s what I don’t recommend though, planting grass seed and only having a watering can to water it with when it requires at least 8 full cans to properly water.  Your neighbors will think you’re weird.  Though on the topic of neighbors, one of mine did tell me she likes to watch me garden.  So Mom, no worries about me living alone and no one keeping an eye on me.  The lovely old woman two doors down watches me while she smokes.  She’s going to give me emphazema but she might just notice if I disappear. 

Well, on that creepy note, I’ll sign off.  Work is still good.  We have some courts coming up later this summer and I should get to be co-trial counsel (for those not versed on military law, that means prosecutor) on a couple.   I write a couple legal reviews a day to keep my mind nimble and I spend the rest of my time trying to fix things that aren’t really that broken.  Oh, and from time to time I see a legal assistance client I can actually help.  Most just leave now knowing they need to hire an attorney…a real one.  So that’s it for now.  I hope everyone is doing well at their respective bases/schools/jobs/lives.  For you military types, I’m posting my DSN so in case FLITE has elluded you (I’m not teasing, it slips away from me frequently) you can give me a shout.  Everyone else, you know how to reach me.  I miss you all everyday.


3 Responses to The In-between…

  1. Paul says:

    Is that my old stereo? Time for an upgrade.

  2. Tom D says:

    But there are so many cool band stickers on the side of it.

  3. Jeff says:

    Try the fuse/breaker for the porch light. When I come up I will bring tools and wire. Don’t worry we won’t be coming anytime soon, Fargo still creeps Angela out.

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