The Almost After and So Much More

So to answer my mother’s question, no, I have not “given up” on my blog.  The last few months have been, as most of you know, interesting.  And I chose that word carefully.  There have been ups and downs.  Hills, valleys, sunshine, rain, the gamut.  What I’m left knowing is that everything is going to be ok.  One way or another.

And at this point you’re probably all thinking, spare us the melodrama Anna, show us the pictures of your apartment.  I am at your service.  We’ll start upstairs this time because the least has changed there.  What was once a guest bedroom is, for now, an arts and crafts room:

Spare bedroom

Boring, I know.  Bring on the scrapbooking jokes.  I plan on getting a new bed pretty soon and when that happens, my old bed will go in here for visitors.  Though I feel it must be said, I have been very lucky to have as many visitors as I have so far.  Elizabeth drove all the way up from Des Moines alone and my parents have been up, my mom doing the trip twice.  Not to out-do Elizabeth but she drove the whole way from the Quad Cities alone…that’s slightly longer.  The reason my mom came up the second time was to pin me on as a captain.  Yes, after continuing to draw breath for 6 months I got the obligitory JAG promotion to captain.  It’s great because we get paid more, we get salutes from a handful more people, etc.  It’s terrifying because now people expect us to know what we’re doing which I can safely say, 75% of the time I’m still only making a somewhat educated guess.  So here’s a picture of Lt Col Harding and my mom pinning on the captain’s bars.  Please don’t ask why I’m making that face, if I knew I would have avoided making it.

Promotion Ceremony

So back to the apartment.  The only other new thing upstairs is the curtains in the study which honestly, is so not worth a picture.  So let’s move downstairs.  First, try not to fall over the cats.

cats stairs

Quick question, is the look on Jonesie’s face a little too similar to the look on my face during the promotion ceremony?  No?  Good answer.

The living room has probably seen the most dramatic change.  For one, there’s furniture.  And lamps.  And art. 

Living room

And from there, into the dining room:

dining room

On to the kitchen:


A lot of changes in all of those three rooms so I’ll just give you a minute to flip back and forth between the before pictures in the old post and these.  Awed?  Good, then the basement is going to blow you away:



Don’t worry, although you can’t see all of the 4th Ave. Drinking Team label anymore, everytime I walk down into that basement, I’m reminded of my roots.  Once you move in, being a part of that team is in your soul.  A few bins of holiday decorations covering the lower portion won’t change that.  Nothing can change that.

Moving on something closely related to being on a drinking team, it’s the basement bathroom.  Still mostly gross but usable on very limited emergency type occasions:

basement bathroom

And now back upstairs.  On the way up, make sure to take note of the cats’ new water and food dishes.  They’re extatic.


All that remains is the great outdoors.  In the next couple months I’ll post anew with the changing weather but today was absolutely perfect and if you don’t mind, please just think of Grand Forks as such.  Somehow, pretending winter won’t ever come makes each day a little better.






To the left you can see the air conditioning unit that I have not yet had to turn on.  Yes, that is a hint of pride you detect.

Alright, so that’s it.  Those are the digs currently.  What else has been going on with me?  So sweet of you to ask.  Well, tomorrow at 8am I’ll hop a plane out of Grand Forks and head down to Scott AFB, which is in southern Illinois down by St. Louis.  Hopefully while there I will learn a great deal about 18th AF’s philosophies on military justice and more importantly, see some of my family.  It’s sad when I’m close because I’m only 6 hours away.  So I’ll be at Scott all week and then after a quick jaunt to Maxwell AFB in Alabama, I’ll be back home in Grand Forks.  That’s right folks, Grand Forks is my home.  I haven’t been there much this last month which the cats have been more than a little irritated with me about.  And unfortunately September isn’t looking that much better between recruiting in the Twin Cities, a wedding in St. Paul, and my 5 year college reunion in Northfield, MN, my weekends are pretty full.  But at least they’re full with things I’m going to really enjoy and heck, maybe even see some of you! 

And as my parting gift to every last one of you, I give you the Peddle Pub:

Peddle Pub

It’s exactly as it sounds.


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