Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

When I joined the Air Force, I knew, just absolutely knew, that it would lead me to great adventure and excitement.  Hence the name of the blog.  I knew I would see new places and things I would never have dreamt of.  And I was right.  100% right.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d end up visiting Houghton, Michigan. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely not complaining.  Instead my point is that you can’t always predict how exactly you’ll be surprised.  Saying you’re ready for whatever life, or in my case the Air Force, throws at you is one thing but saying you’re still willing to swing for the fences when they lob you a softball is another.  My recruiting trip to Duluth and Houghton was a softball by all accounts but I made it my adventure.  Here are the beautiful sights I saw in my trek through the northern regions of our fine country.

Houghton, MI – On the UP, this beautiful city nestled in Michigan’s Cooper Country has a population of about 7,000 and can boast of being ranked one of the 100 Best Small Towns in America. (yeah, my source is Wikipedia)  Houghton is also the home of Michigan Technological University which is why I went.  I visited their ROTC Detachment, a visit which included a lot of engineers trying to stay awake while I rambled on about loving my job.

Duluth, MN – Although I actually stayed in Superior, WI, I did most of my major sight-seeing in Duluth.  Duluth is just a short 3200 miles from the Atlantic Ocean via the Great Lakes and a few canals.  I was there on a cold, rainy, post-tourist season day but still found it to be a lovely town to walk around.  This was not my first time in Duluth and I can only hope it will not be my last.  I visited the ROTC Detachment at the University of Minnesota Duluth and again gave a few cadets the extra shut-eye they so desperately need.

And finally, Bemidji, MN – On my way back to North Dakota, I couldn’t resist stopping in Bemidji and I think from the picture it’s obvious why.  Unfortunately, besides Paul and Babe, I didn’t see much else.  I didn’t have time to make it to the mouth of the Mississippi, which, having grown up on the muddy waters, I may have really blew a chance to visit my roots.  Oh, hold on, I’m actually going to be stationed in Grand Forks for at least another year and a half so maybe it’s too early to say all hope is lost.  Adding that to my To-Do List…visit roots.

So lots of other little things have happened since my last post (in August, oops) but I’ll just cover some of the highlights.  I completed my first courts martial.  Guilty plea but that still counts.  The Company Grade Officer’s Association (of which I am the secretary) hosted a killer post-ORI extravaganza (no, not a party, an extravaganza).  Katie Forsberg is now Katie Hendrickson and I wore a blue dress to commemorate the day.  So did Kristi and Herby.  Katie wore white.  Maybe a picture would help:

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous (though a little toasty at times) and the reception was perfect too. 

Also, I had my 5 year reunion for St. Olaf.  Not a lot ot talk about there.  It was a good time but I always feel like pictures say it better:

No, Joe did not just smell something bad and no, Kurt did not go to St. Olaf.  Kurt did however get to learn and see more than he ever cared to of St. Olaf.  Apparently you have to have gone there in order to think wearing St. Olaf gear and singing your school song daily is cool.  Weird.  Oh, and yes, we absolutely sang it at Katie and Kristoff’s wedding reception.

The final and most recent thing that’s gone in my life is that my parents took on their own adventure and again came up to visit their daughter in her North Dakota apartment.  We had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night since I won’t be home this year.  My mom cooked and we were joined by my sponsor, Capt Ian Holzhauer, and his family.  It was a great meal and night.

Now although I won’t be home for Thanksgiving this year, in very short order I will be able to tell you what a Indiana Thanksgiving is like.  At this point I’m assuming it’s magical.

Well, I think that brings me to bed time.  Work has been a bit of a bear lately and it’s apparently causing my brain to try to escape through my temples.  The good  news is that I’ll hopefully have 2 more courts under my belt with in the next few months.  Here’s hoping I can pull them off without damaging my brain any further. 

Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to hearing from/seeing/talking to you all in the near future.  Remember, it’s the holidays, an effort must be made.  I’m taking suggestions on how to move forward with Christmas cards without my best friend.  I’ve already considered moving to Des Moines but AWOL just looks so bad on your permanent record.


4 Responses to Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

  1. Ebeth says:

    I know, right??!! Maybe we could do joint iowa/ND cards. sort of a split screen:) gotta get tobi in there too:)

  2. Kelly says:

    you could blow them off for a year like we did 🙂 or just go the joint e-mail route and print off a couple for the computerly-challenged (which is what we do in the years we don’t blow them off).
    i have given up my blog, but that was due to continual “corrections” from my mother-in-law when i would see her. german mil’s can be very uncool. on that note, good luck with your next court cases

  3. Mom says:

    SOOOOO glad your back!

  4. Amanda B says:

    Hi Anna – glad to see you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving! As the story goes… hope you manage to take care of that brain in your head and those feet in your shoes 🙂

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