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  1. Laura says:

    Hi Anna:
    I’m considering applying for JAG. I was wondering whether you picked N.D. or if you were placed there with no say? I know you can list a preference when you sign up.

  2. Anna says:


    It was one of two choices I was given. If you do direct appointment, you actually don’t have to commit until you hear your choices and decide you’re willing to going to one. And yeah, make sure you’re really put some thought into your preference sheet because you may get a place that’s on it. Grand Forks was actually my second choice.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Dan G says:

    I’m a Fargoan, already barred, who is considering applying for JAG. Would you have additional time on the 23rd not devoted to UND students to discuss what AF JAG life and the application process is like?

  4. Anna says:


    Why don’t you shoot me an email and we can work something out.


  5. Ashley says:

    Hi Anna,

    I’m so glad you wrote your blog, it helped me finalize the choice to apply for the Air Force Health Scholorship Program! I’ll be doing the direct commissioned process as well but for clinical psychology. Any tips on training the mind/body before hand? I know you are not in the health professions but what has your experience been like? Did you happen to meet any clinical psychs at COT?



  6. Ronie says:

    Hi Anna.

    I am so thrilled to have found your blog. My boyfriend is a JAG will be attending COT for the March 9, 2010 – April 9, 2010 session. We were wondering whether it was worth me coming from California to attend the COT graduation? What do you think? If I were to arrive in Montgomery, it would be late Wednesday evening and we would be flying back to California immediately after the Friday graduation. I would love your insight … practical or not. :0) Thanks much!


  7. Erica says:

    Hey Anna,

    I’ve been reading your blog and am applying to the April 1, 2010, commissioning board. Can you tell me what they told you about your chances of being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan when you were going through the intial processes?

    I just want to be prepared with the right answer 🙂


  8. Diane Chang says:

    Hi Anna,

    I found your website by chance, thanks for posting. I will be attending COT in March 2011 and after reading your posts I have a better idea of what to expect. Thank you so very much!!!

  9. Katy says:

    OMG!I’m in the Air Force too (ROTC though) and reading your blog made me laugh a lot! I love the way you write! I did a google search for air force women’s mess dress pictures and it took me to your blog. Very random I know, but I just had to read it then and I had to tell you how much of a kick I got out of it! Congratulations (I think you’ve been in a year and a half now), but congrats on your commission and getting through OTS! Your blog is a trip!

  10. Josh B says:

    I would just like to thank you for creating this blog. I am scheduled to attend COT before I start medical school in the next few months, and it has been relieving to read a candid recollection of the whole experience. I the whole I do not know what to expect when I arrive in Montgomery but your writing has helped me get an idea for what I have signed up for. I had one question for you if you would be willing to answer: Were your flights separated by area of expertise i.e. medical, or JAG?
    Thank you for your time,

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